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Jon's Complete Automotive Repair, Sheridan OR and McMinnville OR, 97378 and 97128, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service

Come visit Jon's Complete Automotive Repair in Sheridan and McMinnville! We are proud to specialize in Auto Repair. As the premier auto repair shop in Sheridan and McMinnville, our highly-trained automotive mechanics take great pride in supplying: Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair, and Auto Electrical Service. Each of our reliable specialists undergo extensive automotive repair training to meet all your auto repair needs.

The maintenance experts of Jon's Complete Automotive Repair have been honored to serve Sheridan and McMinnville for the past 31 years. While we focus on Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service, we also provide a long range of other auto repair services listed on our services page. Our auto repair experts have built our reputation by providing consistently superior service here in Sheridan and McMinnville.

No matter what your vehicle needs, come see us at Jon's Complete Automotive Repair today! From Brakes to transmission to engine work, we are the best one stop auto repair shop in Sheridan and McMinnville. We provide trustworthy, fast, reliable, and quality work at the right price. Don’t just pass through; come see us for any of your auto repair needs.

Our Certified ALLDATA Market Reviews :: Review Count: 3 :: Average Rating: 99.99% last 6 months

5 star rating
Sue A. from Sheridan, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, reviewed their last visit on 11/2/2016 and their testimonial is:
"We take our company and personal cars there and have for many years. Always completely satisfied. They go above and beyond to be sure we're taken care of. Score 10 out of 10. 👍"
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1 star rating
Pat P. from Centenial, CO, whose Mini was in for an auto repair, reviewed their last visit on 6/27/2016 and their testimonial is:
"Don't GO. Sent my mini in for timing chain. Charged me for full job and took a short cut causing the engine to lock up. Car is totaled for over $11k for new motor and their only concern was to deny everything. Not concerned that my son was driving back from college to Denver and could have been suck in the middle of nowhere, only made it to Hood River before engine blew. No offer to help, accept responsibility NOTHING. Get the feeling that they think because I am in Colorado that I won't take the time to hold them accountable....that is a mistake. I will be suing them."
Jon Togstad
Jon Togstad:
"I am truly sorry about the unfortunate circumstances that happened with your vehicle after it left my shop, the last thing we want is for someone to end up stranded on the side of the road.

With that being said, I would like to point out the facts surrounding the work we performed on your Mini. Your son brought the Mini in to diagnose a noise in the engine. It was two quarts low on engine oil. We added oil but it still made noise. We tested the oil pressure and it was in spec. We scanned the computer for codes and searched for technical service bulletins related to engine noise. We found one that matched your cars symptoms and performed testing procedures as per the service bulletin. The testing confirmed that the timing chain tensioner had failed but the chain and vacuum pump had not. We replaced the failed tensioner, changed the oil and filter and the noise went away. We also replaced a failed air intake boot that we discovered while working on the car.

That is what you were charged for and what you received. Your son picked it up on May 9th and drove it until May 28th (500 Miles) with no noise or complaint. Then, unfortunately the vacuum pump failed and caused the engine damage. The vacuum pump tested good and worked for 500 miles after it left the shop. That failure could not be reasonably anticipated. I had my insurance company do an investigation which included speaking with experts in the field and they came to the same conclusion.

If we had made a mistake on your vehicle I would have repaired it, but I can't take responsibility for something that's not my fault.

Jon Togstad"
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5 star rating
Jacob T. reviewed their last visit on 1/23/2015 and their testimonial is:
"This is the best Automotive Repair shop you will find."
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We service and repair the following makes:

  • Acura Repair
  • Audi Repair
  • BMW Repair
  • Buick Repair
  • Cadillac Repair
  • Chevrolet Repair
  • Chrysler Repair
  • Cummins Repair
  • Daewoo Repair
  • Dodge Repair
  • Duramax Repair
  • Ford Repair
  • Geo Repair
  • GM Repair
  • GMC Repair
  • Honda Repair
  • Hummer Repair
  • Hyundai Repair
  • Infiniti Repair
  • Isuzu Repair
  • Jaguar Repair
  • Jeep Repair
  • Kia Repair
  • Land Rover Repair
  • Lexus Repair
  • Lincoln Repair
  • Mazda Repair
  • Mercedes-Benz Repair
  • Mercury Repair
  • Mini Cooper Repair
  • Mitsubishi Repair
  • Nissan Repair
  • Oldsmobile Repair
  • Plymouth Repair
  • Pontiac Repair
  • Porsche Repair
  • Prius Repair
  • Range Rover Repair
  • Saab Repair
  • Saturn Repair
  • Scion Repair
  • Smart Repair
  • Subaru Repair
  • Suzuki Repair
  • Toyota Repair
  • Volkswagen Repair
  • Volvo Repair
  • Powerstroke Repair